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Rigging, API RP2D

This is a one day course designed to meet rigger training requirements as per API RP2D.  This course will train a rigger to be able to attach or detach lifting equipment to loads or lifting devices and give signals to crane operators.  The course consists of lectures and discussion of skills, knowledge, maintenance, and regulatory items that the participant will be expected to either demonstrate or describe.  The classroom portion of the course will be followed by a comprehensive written exam.  The afternoon session of the class consists of hands-on demonstration (by each student) in basic rigging skills and procedures.  Successful completion of this course along with applicable experience in rigging may be used by the employer to designate employees as a qualified offshore rigger.  The course will cover:
  • definitions and responsibilities
  • terminology
  • sling construction & use
  • hardware
  • hitches
  • effects of load angles
  • center of gravity
  • lifting capacity
  • sling selection
  • other types of slings
  • maintenance
  • inspections
  • ropes & knots
  • air tuggers
  • load binders
  • wedge sockets
  • spreader bars
  • transfer over water
  • safe rigging procedures
  • crane signals & exhibits
  • cable laid body wire rope slings
  • nylon web slings
  • chain
  • hands on evaluation
Length: 8 hrs
Course renewal: 4 yrs


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