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N.C.C.E.R (Assessment Center only)

        Due to the new DOT Operator Qualification regulations 49CFR 192 and 195, to provide a framework for qualification of contract personnel, pipelines have developed an operator qualification plan. Under their plans, pipeline companies must ensure the qualification of all workers (including contractors) who perform covered tasks on any pipeline whether liquid or gas. Their tasks must meet the criteria of 49CFR 192.801 and 195.501.

 As a result, the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), in partnership with Contractors, Industry Associates, and owner groups, created a national industry-standardized assessment and certification process for the construction, maintenance and pipeline industries. The goal of this program is to evaluate the competency-level (knowledge and skills) of experienced workers. These written assessments will also verify that a participant has successfully demonstrated the knowledge or skills in his/her respective job duties within the standards developed by Subject Matter Experts (SME's) from the construction, maintenance and pipeline industries. They will also identify areas where additional training may be needed, in order to become qualified.

 The covered tasks that will be performed by the contractor personnel must be identified by the pipeline operator first, and then the written assessments for those covered tasks can be administered to test and evaluate the knowledge and skills of these craftsman in order to become qualified to perform the work.
Under the auspices and certification of the NCCER as an accredited skills assessment site, Safety and Training Consultants can now provide written craft/skills assessments as well as certify in-house craft/skills performance evaluators.

 To determine your specific written assessment test module, you must go to the Internet and log on to NCCER.ORG, click on to PTAP (pipeline training assessment program) and then click on to PTAP program implementation & resource guide. If you have "Acrobat Reader" installed, it will automatically download at this time a 35-page document on the assessment modules. Now go to page 27 appendix "B" for the various assessment blueprints from which you can choose the modules you need.
If you would like Safety and Training to administer these tests for you, please notify us regarding the modules you need, so they can be ordered and a date and time set up for testing.
Length: 2-3 hrs.
Course Renewal: 3 years


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