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Job Safety Analysis

        The identification of hazards is a crucial component of any successful safety program and requires careful attention. This training will help you to devise a practical and reliable hazard identification system or Job Safety Analysis from detailed, single-job hazard analyses to comprehensive plant-wide audits.
Successful job safety analysis training provides many benefits, which include proactive prevention that reduces accidents, increases productivity, achieves higher employee morale, and improves company performance.  When properly performed, a job safety analysis is a valuable tool for creating a positive, productive culture and a safe and healthy work environment.

Our training consists of the following:
  • What is a JSA
  • Goal of benefit
  • Elements of a JSA: Select the job, define job steps, identify potential hazards, measures to eliminate the hazards
  • Establish the JSA team
  • Gathering the information
  • Workshop/exercise
Length: 4 hrs.
Course Renewal: As Needed


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