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Helicopter Landing Officer

This course is designed for training Offshore Helicopter Landing Officers in the control of routine offshore heli-deck operations and the appropriate responses to offshore heli-deck emergencies. Students are trained to respond to emergencies on offshore heli-decks. This includes maintaining the heli-deck in a state of readiness and carrying out all equipment checks. The student will understand and recognize and manage the special hazards associated with Offshore Helicopter Operations and to act to prevent incidents occurring, supervise the safe refueling of helicopters on an offshore heli-deck, coordinate the Emergency Team in action against heli-deck emergencies, and coordinate rescue operations in helicopter emergencies. This course will give knowledge and experience of assisting during normal operations, loading and unloading of cargo and personnel, identifying hazards relating to offshore helicopter operations, responding to the appropriate alarms and safely entering the incident area, carry out firefighting operations, and rescue of personnel.
Length: 6 hrs.
Course Renewal: As Needed


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