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Crane Operator, API RP2D

This is a one-day course designed to meet crane operator training requirements as per API RP2D (required by 30 CFR 250.108).  Course consists of lectures and discussion of skills, knowledge, maintenance, and regulatory items that the participant will be expected to either demonstrate or describe. The classroom portion of the course will be followed by a comprehensive written exam. The afternoon session of the class consists of hands-on demonstration (by each student) on the type of crane they are expected to operate at the job site.
Successful completion of this course along with applicable experience in crane operation may be used by the employer to designate employees as qualified pedestal crane operators. Training shall include the following:
  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Authorities
  • Definitions
  • Critical Lift Determination
  • Critical Lift Requirements
  • The hoisting triangle
  • Who shall operate cranes
  • Operator qualifications
  • Operator conduct
  • Operator responsibilities
  • Basic crane operating techniques
  • Crane safety
  • Job pre-planning
  • Applied principles
  • Load rating definitions
  • Overturning moment
  • Examples of offshore cranes
  • Principle of leverage
  • Stability limitations
  • Structural limitations
  • Structural ratings of a crane
  • Boom changing
Pre-requisite for this class, each student must:
  • possess a current rigger training certification, validated by certificate or certification before start of class
  • meet physical requirements as stated in API RP2D
Length: 6-8 hours
Course Renewal: 4 yrs


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