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Soft-Sided Pressurized Welding Enclosures

Soft-sidedInstallation techniques begin with a Silicone Rubber Flame Resistant Fabric which as has been incorporated into SafeZone’s Soft Side Panel designs to be used as the base foundation for all enclosure walls and ceilings.  Each panel is 4’ x 4’ in size and will attach by a 4” thick flame retardant Velcro material.  All panels have sewn on straps that allow them to be attached to the scaffolding frame.  In areas where heavy amounts of hot work will be performed, an additional barrier will be installed made of carbon fiber cloth that is rated fire proof (1800°F).  Support for the deck is typically the base of a scaffolding system or the deck of the production facility or drilling rig.   All enclosures assembled are designed for temporary cutting & burning inside the enclosure and will be dismantled soon after work stoppage.


In the event that the deck of the enclosure is not located directly on a solid steel deck, the following flooring construction methods will apply: The first layer of material over the bottom floor/deck will be a carbon fiber cloth material that is rated fire proof (1800°F continuous).  This material is a soft 1/8” material that will cover the area where the cutting, burning and welding will take place.  Over the layer of carbon fiber material will be placed 4’ x 4’ floor panels that have a 0.010” Stainless Steel sheeting fabricated into the silicone rubber flame retardant material. This is applicable on Enclosures that are either suspended above a solid deck or where the enclosure platform is on a grating deck.  Penetrations of piping, tray systems, etc., through any deck, wall or ceiling, special precautions will be used to seal these areas.  In some instances the carbon fiber material may be used to help seal these penetrations.


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