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Pressurized Welding Enclosure & Monitoring Systems

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SafeZone has developed a patented pressurized welding enclosure using state of the art programmable logic control technology that ensures a safe welding process. This safety system is based on a failsafe designed system that will shut down all desired equipment based on programmed parameters. Our patented process meets and exceeds all guidelines that BSEE has developed in order to ensure a safe welding atmosphere while hot work is being performed in classified production areas.
SafeZone welding enclosures have a unique air lock entrance to allow workers to enter the welding area without having to bypass the system creating a fail-safe operation. The patented system is designed so that all hot work components are tied into the main control panel and should a hazardous atmosphere or action present itself, an automated or manual system shut down would kill power to all its components. Construction materials include a modular, lightweight design system that ensures strict compliance and an economical means to perform cutting and burning within a 10' parameter, while producing, in which typically you could not weld and burn. SafeZone Safety Systems, LLC can allow you to maintain your production, and not compromise safety during your project.

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